United States

I have been to many locations in the US and here are some photos. Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* New York City *
While in New York City for a NSF program, I took a few pictures while canvassing tech companies in the city. Here is lower Manhattan from Brooklyn.
Me and the TARDIS in the MakerBot headquarters.

* Honolulu, Hawaii *
While in Hawaii for the BICOB conference, I took a few pictures around Honolulu. Here is the view from my hotel room.
Iolani Palace. The only official state residence of royalty in the United States. Since I arrived a full day early (to save money on my plane ticket), I had a full day to kill, and since this was my third trip to Honolulu, I decided to forgo all of the places I had seen before. As I had a day to kill and had never seen the Iolani Palace, I foolishly decided to hike down the beach to downtown Honolulu to see the palace. Well, it was about 10 miles round trip. Ugh.
Across the street from the Iolani Palace is the King Kamehameha statue, which stands in front of Aliiolani Hale (home to the Hawaii State Supreme Court).
After I made it back to the hotel from my idiotic hike to downtown, I discovered a parade celebrating Pacific unity (or something like that). I'm not sure why the last lady is dragging her luggage along though; must be a Hawaiian thing (to bring your luggage when you march in a parade).
I also had a morning free, so I decided to go on a whale watching tour. Here is the boat we took.
Yes, Virgina, there are whales in Hawaii! I missed getting a picture of this one jumping out of the water though.
There really is a whale somewhere out there... A nice view if nothing else.
A view of Diamond Head from the whale watching boat. Leahi (Diamond Head) was formed more than 100,000 years ago the crater was used as a strategic military lookout beginning in the early 1900's. The peak is about 760 feet above sea level.
One stupid hike deserves another. This time it was to the top of Diamond Head (while I was killing time waiting for my flight home). Here is the view of the Waikiki Beach area and downtown Honolulu in the distance.
I decided to get off the city bus back to the hotel from Diamond Head early so I could enjoy the beach a bit longer (I had 8 hours to kill before my flight home), after all it was early March. Along the way I saw this outrigger canoe.
Sure, the day I leave is the day the waves pick up. So there was no boogie boarding for me. Talk about a buzz kill.

* Anchorage, Alaska *
While in Anchorage for the Venus transit, I took a few pictures around Anchorage. Here is a view of the bay from downtown Anchorage, Alaska.
Here the foothills (only about 3500 feet in elevation) around Anchorage.
Apparently a common site. A moose just hanging out in town.

* Colorado Springs, Colorado *
While in Colorado Springs we had several hours to kill, so we decided to venture to the "top." Next stop, Pike's Peak 14,110 feet above sea level.
The road (the very road they race to the summit on) going to the summit was closed due to snow and high winds the day before, so we had to take the cog train (uses a gear on the middle rail to pull itself along). Here's our cog train at the summit.
Me at the summit of Pike's Peak. Notice I am not smiling - It was windy and VERY cold (10-15 above)!
Looking towards the east (Colorado Springs) from Pike's Peak.
Looking towards the north from Pike's Peak.
Looking towards the southwest from Pike's Peak.

* North Shore drive, Minnesota *
Radell and I at the north end of Minnesota's North Shore drive.
Radell and I getting our feet wet in Lake Superior at Grand Marais, Mn.
A view of Lake Superior, Mn.
The Hoyt Lakes city campground (our base for our North Shore "run").

* Western US vacation road trip *
Bear Tooth Pass, Montana (Not a shortcut to Yellowstone!).
Old Faithfull, Yellowstone park, Wyoming.
Grand Teton Park, Wyoming.
Elephant seal on a northern California beach.
Baby Elephant seal on a northern California beach.
Las Vegas from the Stratosphere.
The family at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
The family at the Santa Monica (California) Peer.
The family at Venis beach, California. Ronnie and Tanya boogy boarding and Radell digging in the sand.
Radell above our name (somewhere near Reno, Nevada).
The family on the Golden Gate bridge (San Fransico, California)
San Fransico, California.

* Misc. pictures from my various travels *
The SETI's Allen radio telescope array in north eastern California.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona (London Bridge).
6th Street in Austin, Texas. What do you expect - the City's motto is "Keep Austin weird."
Barber's Point Hawaii (looking towards Diamond Head).
The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The rain forest just to the east (in the mountains) of Honolulu, Hawaii.
Oak Harbor, Washington (looking towards Mount Rainier).
The White House, Washington, DC.
The Capital, Washington, DC.
Looking north towards the Kennedy Space Center from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Note the launch towers along the beach in the distance.
The "Golf Ball" at Epcot Center. Orlando, Florida.
The Vehicle Assembly building at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
Me, installing a sensor on an armored personal carrier (APC) at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.
Me, checking the sensor install on an A-6 at the Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Washington.
Me and the crew, in front of the helicopter we rode in to test the sensors at White Sands, New Mexico.
The desert around Ridgecrest, Ca (the scenery was great, too bad the town wasn't!).


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