The Philippines

Pictures taken during my trip to the Philippines. Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* Manilla *
Downtown Manila, near the waterfront.
The shipyard across from the waterfront.
We couldn't figure out of these kids were simply playing the garbage or looking for something of value.
A jeepney. These things are everywhere, made of stainless steel and used as a sort of bus.
A view of a river that runs though Manila. It's big enough that larger boats navigate it.
Just one of many street scenes in Manila.
As with most developing countries, people make do with whatever they find. Hence, this delivery trike. I also saw a double-decker sidecar attached to a 250cc motorcycle!

* Angeles City *
One of many public markets.
I thought only India had powerlines like these?
There were 7 people riding this thing. I wonder how far I would get in Grand Forks like this before getting stopped by the police?
Hmmm. I thought I was in the Philippians, not India.
Part of our trip included a stay in Clark Freeport Zone (the town that used to be Clark AFB) and Angeles City. These hills are where Mount Pinatubo (the volcano that errupted in 1991) is located (only 9 miles from Clark).
Here's a picture of what is left of Mount Pinatubo (the highest peak).


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