The Netherlands

Pictures taken during my trip to the 2009, ATC Global Exhibition & Conference. Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* Amsterdam *
The first thing you notice upon arrival is that everyone rides a bike here. They even have parking ramps just for bikes!
The other things you notice are the cannels. Amsterdam is called the "Venice of the North" and the name fits. Cannels ring the city like concentric circles. It must be fun here in the summer.
Another cannel. Note the wooden shoe shaped (yellow) boat..
Next we see the city center.
Here is a close-up of the carriage drivers.
The city center is also the site of the main train station.
Our next stop is the cultural area (not sure what it is called) where the Rijksmuseum (largest in The Netherlands) is located (castle-like building in the distance). The round building to the left is the Van Gogh Museum.
Behind the Van Gogh Museum is the Amsterdam Diamond Museum.
Looking back from the Van Gogh Museum is the Opera House.
Aside from bicycles, the trams are another easy way to get around.
Here is what private (probably very expensive) houses look like. These have their backyards on the cannel.
Finally, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a picture of the Tulips!

Dank U!

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