I have been to Tijuana, Cancun, and Cozumel. Here are some pictures of the Cozumel area (includes Playa Del Carmen - on the mainland across from Cozumel). Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* Cozumel *
Me, popping up out of a tunnel at 95 feet. Cozumel, Mexico (Punta Sur reef). A friend with a camera snuck around to the tunnel opening and surprised me (scared the beheebjees out of me). He started laughing and forgot to hold his breath while taking the picture, hence all of the bubbles.
Looking through a tunnel from the Grande Senote to a smaller senote (in the jungle about 100 miles south of Cancun, Mexico). The water, while a little cool, was very clear - clear as a good pool - easily 200 feet visibility. An absolutely horrible place to spend 1999's, 2000's (and soon - 2001's) New Years days! All of that sunshine, warm weather, tropical flora and fauna... Never ever want to do it again.
After we got bored with snorkeling the Grande Senote (the water was a little cool), we took up cliff diving. Here I am jumping off the top of one of the cave entrances at the Grande Senote.
Our dive boats on the beech where we stopped for lunch each day (Cozumel, Mexico).
An underwater view of one of the reefs (Cozumel, Mexico).
Grass huts at Santa Fe beech, Mexico (about 100 miles south of Cancun).
Cozumel, Mexico - the view from a parasail (about 400' in the air).
A cafe in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. English was not one of their strong points.
The beech along Playa Del Sol, Mexico.
A close-up of some of the Mayan ruins on the island.
More ruins near the beach.

Gracias! (pronounced "Grah-syas")

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