Pictures taken during my trip to Malaysia. Note that the circle indicates where I was.

* Kuala Lumpur *
Fom my hotel, looking towards downtown Kuala Lumpur.
The Petronas towers in downtown. I wanted to go to the top to see the city, but they only let you go up to the "bridge". Plus it was booked up until much later. So I gave up.
There are a lot of parks in the city. This one surrounds the Petronas towers.
A monorail. Like most modern cities, Kuala Lumpur has a well developed mass transit system that makes for easy touring of the city.
A view of a street in the shopping district.
The old train station. Classic Islam architecture.
I don't what building this is (the "Joe Camel" building?), but it had a nice reflection of the TV tower near the Petronas towers. PS The tower is a great place to view the city.
It was easy to get a ticket to go to the observation deck of the TV tower; So I did. Duh! Here is the view looking west towards my hotel (right in the middle of the photo). PS I walked back to my hotel from the TV tower; it gave me a chance to do some shopping in the various shopping areas. Plus, it was only about 5 miles.
Looking south-west from the TV tower.
Looking south. Note the Petronas towers.
Looking east.
Looking north-east. Note the surrounding hills and mountains. The city is very scenic.
I don't know what this set of buildings is, but here is the view "down" from the TV tower.
Like the Petronas towers, the TV tower is surrounded by a park (a much larger park); and along the west side is a rather run-down neighborhood (the only such place I saw).
Kuala Lumpur has a Chinatown section (a good shopping area).
If you want to find Malaysian made goods; here's the place.
The city at night (from my hotel room).

Terima kasih! (pronounced "Teh-ri-mah kah-sih")

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