Pictures from India during our June, 2004 SEMs Venus transit webcast expedition. Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* New Delhi *
Delhi, India skyline.
Lodi Park, Delhi, India
Bahai temple, Delhi, India.
Computer Bazaar, Delhi, India
Ice cream vender napping in Delhi, India.

* Shimla *
Shimla, India (In what used to be Nepal).
A staircase down the mountain side in Shimla, India.
Monkeys (they're like rabits there) in Shimla, India.

* Khajuraho *
The jungle outside of Khajuraho, India.
1000 year old temples, Khajuraho, India
A closeup of the figurines on the temples in Khajuraho, India.

* Agra *
Camels on the highway.
A taxi (on the highway).
People "bathing" in a rural area.
A truck load of people - out for a Sunday drive?
Agra Fort, Agra, India
Taj Mahal and its surrounding structures (East, North, Center, South, West), Agra, India (A phenomenal structure!)

Nandri! (pronounced "Nun-dry")

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