Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education (GDCSE'08) aboard the Celebrity Century Cruise Ship

What more can I say?

We sailed from Maimi on Feb. 28, 2008 around 5:00 PM.
We arrived in Key West the following morning. I have to say, Key West is a lot like the other island towns I have been too (Mackinac Island and Catalina Island).
Like other island towns, except that Key West is teaming with wild (and protected) chickens.
However, I have to admit that Key West did look like a fun place to spend some time. Especially if you have a jet ski! PS That is another cruise ship is port. Not ours.
Must be where the "poor folks" live.
Here we are getting beat by another cruise ship to Cozumel, Mexico.
They beat us, but at least we made it (our ship is on the right).
You don't get a lot of time at each stop so, being a former scuba diver, I decided to take the Atlantis sub tour to see how much the reef has changed since I last dove here in 2000. Here is the sub.
Here's the inside. The sub holds 48 people and dives to 100+ feet.
Here's the view at 100+ feet. I did notice that the number of fish was way down from previous dives here. Maybe the sub scared them off?
Here's a view of 1 of the 3 elevators on the ship. PS the ship has 12 floors!
Here's a view of the 3 story shopping area.
Here's my room. They're all small, but at least I had an ocean view with a deck.
Here's the pool deck looking forward. There are 2 pools, 4 hot tubs, 2 bars, and a jogging track in this picture.
Here's the pool deck looking towards the aft (rear). Aside from what was visible in the previous picture are 2 snack bars/grills and a basketball court.


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