Pictures from various China trips. Note that the circles indicate where I was.

* Beijing *
In the center of Beijing is the Forbidden City. Here is picture inside the Forbidden City.
Here is a picture from Tiananmen Square looking towards the the Forbidden City.
The Great Wall is only about 30 miles out of Beijing. Here's a picture from the highest point looking back/down.

* Xi'an *
Next stop along our tour is the walled city of Xi'an (3rd largest city in China). Located in the center of China.
Here's is what Xi'an is best know for. The Terracotta army.

* Guilin *
Located in the south of China is Guilin. Best known for its scenery.
Along the Li Jiang river, outside of Guilin.
Terrace farms in the Longji area, in the mountains, not too far from Guilin.

* Shanghai *
Here is downtown Shanghai. You can see the Shanghai World Financial Center building (second highest in the world).
Looking towards the Oriental Pearl TV Tower from the 100 floor observatory of the Shanghai World Financial Center building.
Shanghai is a bustling city. Even the river is crammed with boat traffic.
Shanghai has a historical shopping area; referred to as "Old Town", I believe. Here is one view.
Here is another view of the "Old Town" historical shopping area.
One of the easiest ways to get around Shanghai is by subway/elevated rail. If you need to get to the airport take the subway/elevated rail to the Maglev station and take the 268 mph (not a typo!) Maglev to the airport. It's hard to get a good picture of the country side at over 200 mph, but I tried...

* Wuhan *
Like many Chinese cities, Wuhan has a pedestrian-only shopping area (referred to as the "walking street"). PS This is not it, but the main road that leads to it.
Wuhan was once a colonial outpost for the tea and silk trade and many of the old buildings still exist along the river front.
Wuhan is referred to as the "furnace of China" (real hot) and due to the heat, the river is a popular place (even after dark). The riverfront is very nice with plenty of police patrols, Karaoke activities, swimmers, etc, etc.
Crossing the Yangtze river by ferryboat.
* Hangzhou *
Here is the express train (100 mph) to Hangzhou; a popular weekend spot for Shanghai residents.
Hangzhou (like Shanghai) is crisscrossed by canals.
Hangzhou's West Lake is the weekend hotspot.
Parts of West Lake are covered by huge water lilies.
Still a common site in China; where people make their money the "old fashioned way."
In case you're wondering; he did get all of the boxes loaded and road off into the sunset.

Xie Xie! (pronounced "sheh sheh")

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