Myself, Ronald Arthur Marsh. My interests include: neural networks image processing, parallel processing, fractals, Harley Davidson motorcycles, off-roading, bicycles, music, and the paranormal.
Four of the grandkids: Ariana (granddaughter), Tristen (grandson), Siva (granddaughter), and Kiarah (granddaughter).
My grandson Radell "riding dirty".
My granddaughter Ariana (aka Peanut) "riding dirty".
Ready for the apocalypse. My granddaughters Kiarah and Siva (with no mask) and my grandson Triston.
Radell & Peanut: Can you feel the love?
Radell & Peanut: Sampling salted prunes.
Radell in his cast (fall 2003) after breaking his leg skateboarding.
Radell & Peanut: Peanut's second birthday party.
Here we are in front of the helocopter we rode in to tour the 2010 flood waters in Grand Forks.

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